At  Kings Boxer Diesel we do everything we can to offer a complete service for our clients and the best possible solutions we can within the budget of the client:



Subaru Boxer Diesel Engines in the European Market have a notorious reputation for breaking crankshafts without prior warning. This can result in sudden unforeseen total engine failure and until now requires a whole new block and replacement of the engine. 


Our Repair 
  • Our repair uses the old broken block and we reinforced the internal brigdes of the engine the hold the crankshaft in place with high strength steel. We machine the whole repair to the highest of standards and the lowest tolerances to give a repair that is infact stronger and more reliable than an new block from manufacturer. Our repair can save the client thousands of Euro and they end up with a engine core stronger and more reliable than the original block in a new condition. We Guarantee this (12 months unlimited mileage)
  • We can offer a range of repair solutions and Shipping options.
  • Full engine Assembly Swap. We send you a fully  overhauled and assembled engine and you send your broken engine to us. 
  • Short block only repair. Send the Block to our workshop and we send it back to you repaired 
  • Long block Repair and assembly. Can be swapped or sent to the workshop and returned repaired.
  • We find the solution that works best for you  



We can inspect thoroughly all the components of the engine after total dissasembly and advise our clients on any further repairs we feel would be advisable eg: Injectors, fuel pump, belts & pulleys, DPF, Turbo. We have a large selection of quality used parts so we can find the best solution depending on the clients budget. New parts can also be ordered. 



CLutch replacement options are available, we can inspect the clutch very easily and advise if replacement is necessary at this time. We charge for parts only as the job is easily done during rebuilt of the engine  

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